Fearless Conversations School Leaders Have to Have

by Vera J. Blake and Irving C. Jones Sr.
Foreword by Bill DaggettFearless Conversations School Leaders Have to Have

Step out of Your Comfort Zone and Really Help Kids
To meet the needs of today’s learners, fearless leadership is required to support and empower the adults who work with these learners. Anchored in research, Fearless Conversations is a guide to recognizing and using strategies that encourage staff to work at their full potential, build trust, and strengthen collegiality. Strong, courageous, focused, collaborative leadership is a win-win approach for all stakeholders. Readers will find

  • interviews and case studies to illustrate effective practice
  • strategies to help them move from traditional methodologies toward stronger transformational leadership
  • vignettes and examples to ignite additional thinking to facilitate achievement for all students

Written for aspiring, new, and experienced school leaders, this is a must-read for anyone who wants practical strategies that they can use immediately to build a culture of learning and improve academic achievement for all students.


  1. Creating and Sustaining a Viable Work Environment
  2. Crafting and Supporting Strong Missions and Visions
  3. Improving Through Effective Feedback
  4. Increasing Parent and Community Stakeholder Partnerships
  5. Managing and Sustaining an Organized, Productive, Ever-Changing School Culture
  6. Boosting Collegial Climates by Providing Embedded Professional Development
  7. Planning for Success


Book Reviews

“I am enthusiastic about Dr. Irving Jones’ book, Fearless Conversations School Leaders Have to Have. I have witnessed many times in group settings, his inclusive, thought provoking and intellectually stimulating manner in ensuring that we arrive at creative and effective solutions. And I know this is born out of his 25 years of success in the educational arena. He has been recognized as the Outstanding High School Principal in Virginia, NASSP/MetLife National Principal of the Year and a much sought after educational consultant. So the ideas he shares in this book with his colleague, Vera Blake, are truly worth examining to ensure our young people are fully prepared for work and life in the 21st century.”

James BrownNetwork BroadcasterCBS Sports & CBS NewsBaltimore, MD

“Fearless Conversations School Leaders Have to Have is a necessary read for any school leader seeking to learn how to use strong educational principles in order to reach academic excellence on a global scale. The authors expertly describe the methods that will create a motivational learning environment for the entire school community.”

Allison Tennyson-Ibrahim, M.Ed.PrincipalAmerican Creativity AcademyKuwait

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Fearless Conversations

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